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Recommended links to other excellent license plate web sites


This page consists of links to other web sites related to license plates, or otherwise of interest to license plate collectors. 

Latest noteworthy updates to this page
  • February 4, 2022  –  Added several new links.  Verified all links.  Updated link addresses when possible.  Removed dead links and links to pages that are no longer relevant or worthy. 
  • September 28, 2018  –  Verified all links.  Updated link addresses when possible.  Removed dead links and links to pages that are no longer relevant. 


There are many hundreds, if not thousands, of license plate related web sites out there.  Sad to say, but a good number of them probably are of little interest to anyone but possibly their owners.  Some haven't been updated in years and have become badly out of date.  Because of this, links pages that attempt to catalog every single plate web site frustrate me, as do the many links pages that link to ten or twenty other sites merely on the basis of reciprocity, or some other arbitrary criteria, rather than the quality or usefulness of each site. 

Because of this, I decided to create a really helpful license plate links page, one that (well, for the most part) only lists the really great sites, the kind you will want to use as reference sites and visit repeatedly.  Even these are categorized according to the specific plates that may be found on each site, so that you can readily find the sites that have what you're looking for.  I've included links to the relevant sections of my own site, in case you came to this page directly and didn't see the site menu on my home page. 

Even being listed in one of the the "recommened" sections of this page means that the site is among the best out there.  Links with a A Top Pick Click! blue ribbon symbol next to them are Top Pick Clicks!  They are especially recommended for their excellent content and presentation.  These sites are the best of the best. 

Note that the Updated! "Updated!" notation doesn't necessarily mean that the linked site has been updated; rather, it means that the link itself has been updated with a new web address; in other words, the site has moved to a new address, and the link reflects that. 

Recommended sites for license plate photos and information, by geographic area

Many license plate collectors specialize in plates from one or two U.S. states, countries, or other issuing jurisdictions.  These sites are among the best in their coverage of a specific jurisdiction. 

United States
District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
Washington (state)
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia
British Columbia
Northwest Territories and Nunavut

(Be sure to also see the Worldwide plate sites, above.)


Recommended sites for license plate photos and information, by plate type

These sites, for the most part, address specific categories of U.S. and/or Canadian license plates. 

Commercial vehicle plates
Law enforcement-related license plates
Pre-state and porcelain license plates
Sample license plates
Year 1976 license plates

General sites for license plate collectors

These are sites of general interest, or that provide useful resources for license plate collectors. 

License plate collecting organizations (based in North America)
License plate collecting meets and other events
Independent plate collecting online discussion groups
License plate collecting supplies
Digital license plate images
Other plate collecting resources

Suggested places for buying collectible license plates

Many individual collectors offer plates for trade or sale on their web sites, and there are lots of great plates to be found on these sites.  Of course, I would prefer that you visit and find plates on my own site before looking elsewhere. 

Online auction sites
Online license plate stores  (arranged alphabetically)
Non-store web sites offering extensive or specialized inventories of plates for sale  (arranged alphabetically)
Antique car shows known for having numerous license plate vendors

Suggested places for restoring and repainting old license plates  (arranged alphabetically)

I periodically am asked for recommendations for where to get an old license plate professionally restored and/or repainted.  I've only dealt with getting a plate repainted on one occasion, which hardly qualifies me as an authority.  However, I can at least point you to a few I know about and let you choose. 

Other plate sites by guys named Rick

Since I own the RicksPlates.com web address, I suppose the least I can do for the other license plate collectors also named Rick is to provide links to their plate sites. 

Worthwhile plate sites you might not have seen

There are some good plate sites out there that might not otherwise get much attention or traffic.  So, as a public service to my fellow plate collectors, below are some license plate web sites that I've discovered, or been made aware of, that are a bit off the beaten path.  I've set the standards for quality of content and presentation a bit lower for these links than the other links on this page, but these are all worthwhile places to visit, in my opinion. 

Cool sites not related to license plates

Here are some links to sites that aren't license plate related, yet I thought they might be of interest to plate collectors or people in general. 

How to suggest a web site for inclusion on this page

I welcome suggestions for new web site links to be added to this page, either for your own site or someone else's site that you particularly like.  There are a few of categories of links on this page, and any links that are added must qualify for one of the categories listed below. 

In the remaining categories, I'm just not going to add every link that comes along.  Only the best sites will make the cut and be listed on this page.  If you want to put a link to my site on your links page, you're more than welcome to, but doing so will not give your site preferential treatment to be included here.  I'm sorry if this adversely affects you, but this policy is necessary to keep this links page manageable and useful. 

To submit a suggestion for a new link, or to report a broken link or a new address for an existing site, please send me an e-mail with the pertinent information.  Be sure to include the current URL (the web site address) of the site you are suggesting or correcting. 

Related links

This section deserves some explanation, considering that this entire page consists of links to related sites.  Listed below are links to other links pages, which have links to still more license plate related sites. 

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