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NOTICE:  I am NOT affiliated in any way with "License Plates Shop" based in Germany, which sells on Amazon under the name "License Plates Shop Kretschmer".  I have not ever made or sold "custom" or "replica" (fake) license plates, and will not ever make or sell such plates. 

That's me in front of my U.S. Bicentennial plate collection.
Rick Kretschmer

License plates are my hobby

I enjoy collecting real, authentic, expired license plates and documenting the history of license plates, especially those from my home state of Maryland as well as from Pennsylvania and Illinois.  I've paid close attention to license plates in use since I was a young boy, and I continue to do so today in North Carolina, where I now live.  I have additional license plate interests as well, many of which are also included on these pages. 

This is primarily a license plate history and information site.  Most of the license plates shown througout this site are from my personal collection, with some from various other sources, and are not available for sale or trade in either case.  Plates available for trade or sale are only on my Rick's Trade Box pages. 

Have fun exploring my web site!  I've certainly had fun creating it!     — Rick

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On to the license plates!

Prefer the old state indexes?  They're not going anywhere. 

Something way more important than license plates

There is much more to life than collecting license plates.  Really. 

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